Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Do these things live in perpetuity?

I have not posted to my blog in a couple of years! What a faddish thing to do--start a blog with not a whole lot of reason to communicate to the world. Will it be here forever in cyberspace for no one to read?

Some things I read about the internet posit that all the information collected about us allow this cyber intelligence, which is more than the sum of its parts, to create an eerily accurate portrait of us. While notions of privacy are changing and seem to be getting alarmingly lax, part of me longs to be known. I actually like pollsters to call because they value my opinion! Wow, someone cares what I think? Maybe I want to know who this person they come up with from bits of information gathered here and there is. Can they really know me by what I have purchased on Amazon and iTunes? Good luck with that. I've lived with myself for over 5 decades and still haven't figured myself out. Let me know who you come up with, internet!

And maybe I'll start posting to my blog again and see if anyone has any insights they want to share.